Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joe and Kellyn | eShoot

Joe and Kellyn are professional laughers.  And musicians, social workers, coolmakers ... but especially laughers.  Don't try and tell me that's not a word, either, 'cause Google said it is.  

I had a blast this last weekend shooting their wedding.  Especially the llamas.  More on that later.  Their eShoot was mostly cold and wet, but rockstars don't even care about the weather.

Their relationship is amazingly deep, and that depth and intensity is part of the wellspring that their joy together flows from.  

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Melissa and Ross | eShoot

I was pretty sure Melissa and Ross were going to be rad.  I was totally right.  Ross's Volvo is also exceedingly cool, if you ask me.  These guys have a really special relationship, and it was so easy to see it when they looked at each other.  Can't wait for their wedding ... thanks for being so entertaining and easy to shoot, guys!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

photojournalism and MediaStorm | inspiration

This is totally unrelated to weddings, but I feel like it's well worth sharing anyways.  We all need to find inspiration from various sources, people, or events that speak to us.  For me, photojournalism is a huge inspiration for me, and a challenge and aspiration.  There's so much going on in our world that we're simply unaware of, whether unintentionally or otherwise.  We live in an amazing age for sharing information across the globe.

MediaStorm isn't a particularly new company/initiative, so some of you might have heard of them.  But for the rest of y'all, I just wanted to put them in my own tiny limelight.

On top of being technically excellent in their combination of stills, video, and audio, the impact of their projects is brutally powerful.  It's awesome seeing companies and individuals who are pushing the boundaries of media and journalism, and helping shape how we see the rest of the world.  Glad there are eye openers like these out there.

All the projects are worth watching, but these two really struck me.  The "Rape of a Nation" project by Marcus Bleasdale is incredible.