Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kara, Gavin, and fam | portraits

Kara and Gavin asked me to come create some portraits/lifestyle images of their beautiful family (dog included, of course :) ), a few weeks back. We were blessed with perfect weather and had a great time shooting. It's always fun when I get creative freedom when I shoot, to capture people and families as they really are, not in cramped, static poses ... and when they get to show off their character. Thanks, guys!

p.s. When I said I had fun news, "in a couple days", I had no idea it would turn into like a month. My bad, I suck at blogging sometimes! Anyhow, the news is that I leave soon (tomorrow) to shoot an awesome destination wedding in a country I've always wanted to visit, since I saw Lord of the Rings.

First, some of the images from Gavin+Kara+fam's shoot.


moorephoto said...

These are great!! I love #2,3 & 5.

What a great moment in time on #3. Cute family, I like how you captured them. Looks like you just were hanging at their house, but got some amazing portraits while at it!

Thanks for the blog loving' soon!


dewdrop said...

Wow Ryan, what a beautiful family, and you did a beautiful job capturing them. Great job at getting beautiful light on your subjects and especially the eyes!

Colleen Donovan said...

Those baby pics are sooo cute! You should specialize! :) Congrats on a great session.