Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bowling for Photographers...

Got to hang out with some swell people this past weekend for a little bday celebration for Chris Rhoads.  Chris and Sarah were there, of course, keeping it real.  Kristi Lloyd and her husband, Marianne and Jason, Crystal and Jason, Airika and Gerald, and Erwin Wijanto came to throw down, too.

I had a sweet time bowling some of the worst games of my life, and it's always fun hanging out with cool photographers.  Next time I hope to bowl over 75.

I nicked some images from Erwin's blog ... we all made his camera the community camera for the night.  Go check out the rest on his blog.  Or just laugh at the super-flattering pictures of me, below :)


Anonymous said...

Dude...that was a lot of fun the other night! I'm looking forward to next weekend!


John Karwoski said...

Looks like tons o' fun! If you guys go again Jenna and I would love to come.


Deb said...

Dude. That's a killer photographer party. All the best in the same room together. Love it!