Tuesday, August 12, 2008

David and Lexi | wedding

i'm a little behind on blogging weddings, but a couple months ago i had the pleasure of capturing David and Lexi's two-day wedding.  the first day was an awesomely colorful traditional Cambodian ceremony, and the second day was an equally fun American shindig.

day 1.

day 2.

loved this one of Lexi dancing with David's grandfather, who's well into his 90's and dances like a champ!


Lisa Lefringhouse said...

You never cease to amaze! Striking images, absolutely striking.

Crazy Mama said...

these are stunning!

anerino originals said...

great set flynnie! the group shot of the guys is very nice.

i love the grain! i find myself shooting at ISO 400 as a starting point anymore!

Ben said...

Ryan, nice set. I especially like the one above the flower shot.

- Ryan Flynn Photography - said...

thanks guys!

chuck, i agree! i've been adding grain to a lot of images, even low ISO ones, especially the b/w's. i feel like it give the image a more tactile, organic feel.

david & kimi baxter said...

love that ring shot!