Monday, January 05, 2009

christmas and new years | misc.

hope everyone had a great time celebrating some (or all) of the holidays over the last couple weeks.  i know i did!  it was fun/weird being so disconnected for so long.  no blackberry, no laptop.

i made some photos that i really like, while i was out an about.  

+10 internet points if you see two couples in these photos who's weddings i shot.

straight out of the camera... no photoshop, no filters.

happy new 2009, everyone.  hope you got to kiss the person you wanted to when the clock struck 12.


manus said...

i like #4. beautiful. your backyard?

Andy said...

Ok, Nick and his Kiwi (Hannah?), and Aaron and Megan.

+10 points for Andy!

Anonymous said...

Nice work mister!! They are marvelous:)

Owen Thompson said...

I wanted to kiss you, Ryan.

See you Saturday for P&A !!!

megan nicole gibbs said...

oh ryan...such cute pictures of emily! thanks for posting one of us too :) we had so much fun with all of you guys here...feel free to come visit anytime!

Anonymous said...

Good work,even with a broken foot!