Thursday, June 07, 2007

Doug and Meghan | Wedding

I've known Doug for a while, and he's always been one of the best guys I know. Hard to explain it beyond that ... he's the guy that manages to be a cool dude and the guy that moms want their daughter to marry. Doug and his new wife, Meghan, are so genuine, kind, and fun.

We had some gorgeous weather for their Seattle wedding, and I had a blast photographing all the precious, fleeting moments of their day.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding day, guys ... I wish you a beautiful life together.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! We are seeing this for the first time and are we impressed and excited! You are one great and imaginative and creative photographer! And sweet boy, your text is so loving and touching. What an outstanding person you are!!! And so God filled!!! And So handsome! And so cool! And the guy any ones parents would be proud to have their daughter marry someday!!!! Guess who.....

Fantastic photos with great expressions, perfect lighting, and creativity. You're a very good photographer.
Grandpa D.

adamorion said...

Flippin' awesome! Do my wedding if I ever get married...

Doug and Meghan, wish I could've been there. So stoked for you guys! You're beautiful together, perfect lighting or not!


Lucky Red Hen said...

Awe so pretty! Love her backlit with the lamp applying makeup and the last 2 in the daffodils. So excited to shoot with you soon!

Anonymous said...


These truly look great! First time checking your blog out and I really dig it. Great stlye and lots of soul. Keep up the great work!


Chuck (aka canerino)