Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jessica + Stephen | e-session

Back in the day Jessica lived in the dorm room above my roommate and I, and we used to communicate by stomping and pounding on the floor or ceiling ... Morse code is more effective than you might think!

Jessica and Stephen have had a long road leading to their committment to spend their lives together. Their relationship is deep and beautiful, as is their love for each other. They're both sharp as whips, and they'll do incredible things over the next decades.

Click the pics to make them bigger :)

Bless you both!

- ryan


nicole green said...

they are all beautiful! looove the lighting!

Lucky Red Hen said...

Ryan - these are SO SO SO yummy! Love that each one stands on its own and they all have their own look. Beautiful, absolutely.

Rodrigo said...
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Matthew Dingemans said...

Great post, great blog, gorgeous work.

colinmichael said...

Love the feel of the second and second to last, beautiful!