Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Zealand Ch. 2 | Wedding

Even though I got to make an awesome vacation out of it, the real reason for my trip down under was to shoot the wedding of my dear friends Nick and Hannah. Nick is like a brother to me, ever since we lived together in college ... then he decided to go be a professional outdoorsman in New Zealand, and proceeded to meet, and woo, Hannah.

It was such a fun day, in an incredible setting in this green river valley. There was just so much love and friendship ... everyone was happy and having a blast. Nick and Hannah are super into each other, which makes my job that much better and easier. Enjoy the huge picture post!

Miss you guys, and big thanks to Hannah's family for their unflagging hospitality.

Incredible sunset the night before the wedding

Hannah is an incredible designer and seamstress, and did a stunning job making her own wedding dress, and the bridesmaids' dresses. So cool!

Our transportation for the day were these sweet vintage cars ... got so many looks cruising in these!


Lucky Red Hen said...

Oh, Ryan! Those are magnificent! Such beauty, emotion, and incredibly film-like!

Caitlyn said...

Those are such stunning photos. I can't wait until I'm as good as you...if ever!

ivisphoto said...

Aha, that's where you've been. I am glad you back, hope I am gonna see more of your pics now, as them all! That 85 1.2 rocks, just got mine, already in love:). If you got some going on on and you need help, let me know, shooting next to you is my dream;)Keep 'em coming bro!:)

Anonymous said...

Ryan: You dont know me, I am Sarah's Mum, she was a bridesmaid at Nick and Hannah's wedding. I am Hannah's Aunty and Nick worked for PB who is my husband. We were in CapeTown over the wedding. Just want to say thanks for capturing the day so well it has made me feel like I was almost there. The photo of my Dad and Hannah made me cry...and I was at work!!! Great Job and thanks for letting me in on the day.

Stephen and Jessica said...

YAY! I get to see the pictures I have long been awaiting! They are fantastic! Looks like a romantic and beautiful day! Can't wait to see more!

Sarah Rhoads said...

ah! Ry these rock. Love the one of her dress in the sand. really great angle. Yes we are going to the 11 this sunday! Give me a call if you go! we'll meet up in the lobby.

Lovely Day Photo said...

Ryan! LOVIN your work! So Sharp, so clean, so beautiful!! Keep it up! You are a fabulous photographer!!!

Joe said...

Great work, really inspirational wedding stuff. (I also like the irish shot one post up)