Friday, November 14, 2008

fall music | MISC.

just wanted to post up some sweet tunes that I’ve been listening to over the last month or two.  some different styles, so there’s a little something for everyone.


Greg Laswell – Three Flights From Alto Nido

definitely one of my fav’s of the whole year.  intricate, atmospheric, fantastic vocals.  my top tracks are:  #4, “Comes and Goes (in Waves)”; #8, “I’d be Lying”; and I think the best song on the album: #11 “And Then You”.


Common Market – Tobacco Road

besides Optimus Rhyme, these guys are my favorite seattle hip-hop artists.  check them out if you like hip-hop with a message beyond cash, big wheels, and women of ill repute.  super talented.


Joshua James – Fields & Floods

james is someone I never get tired of listening to.  thoughtful storytelling, a unique voice, and a truly gifted musician.  all his albums are great, but this one has some Christmas tracks on it, which makes it THAT much cooler.  good folk music + Christmas = sweeter than santa.


Joshua Radin – Simple Times

generally happy music, but not saccharine-sweet like some music.  just right.  I like track #1, “One of These Days”.  i think it hits home for people who’ve loved and lost.


Matt Pond PA – Last Light

not really a new album, but it never gets old.  the guy can write some brilliant lyrics.  he does a great job at avoiding clichés, and really evoking some emotions and tangible imagery.  if #2, “People Have a Way” doesn’t get your head bobbing and your feet tapping … you’ve probably flat-lined.


William Fitzsimmons

thanks to Kristy’s blog, I checked this album out, and promptly became obsessed.  and that was before I heard the banjo.  incredible hushed, urgent vocals, with lyrics that are obviously held close to fitzsimmon’s heart.  sort of a somber album, but in a very good way.  this is music for your soul.  #4, “If You Would Come Back Home”, does it for me.


Underoath – Lost in the Sound of Separation

probably too heavy/hard for most people, but this album is a perfect evolution of Underoath’s music.  I like how they’ve fleshed out their sound, and managed to grow their message, too.




Kristy Behrs said...

we pretty much have the same exact taste in music this month :) i have and ADORE most of these albums. fabulous. i'm SO stoked greg stuck around for the next big album. yay. and fitzsimmons goes without saying....beyond amazing.

emily said...

have you heard josh garrels? i saw him in vancouver last night and he was AMAZING!

so i was wondering... i'm thinking about getting a new lens for portraits and the like. any suggestions/inexpensive options?