Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wedding Book goodness | misc

just got in another awesome album, and wanted to put up a couple pictures.  i'm really loving these books.  the leather covers are incredibly soft and wrap around the covers perfectly.  nice, thick pages that won't get bent corners easily, and do a great job of showing off the print quality.  i really like how flat they lay, too, and the fact that the gutter really doesn't mess up the print at all.  the print quality is amazing, too.  Every bit as good as any print I've ordered.  overall, just really high quality handmade albums.  big thumbs up to KISS.

hope everyone had a sweet Thanksgiving.  i know i did, once i recovered from my food-induced coma. 

cheers. hope the rest of your holiday season is brilliant!


wrecklessgirl said...

blows me away!

sergio mottola said...

the book looks nice, i am going to start offering a leather album and i'll go with KISS as well. they are just too fricken clean!!!!

aaron j gibbs said...

looks good. looking forward to getting one :]

Kara May said...


- Ryan Flynn Photography - said...

sergio, that's what i love about them. nice and clean and simple. perfect for my style!

The White House said...

How much do these run? I went to the KISS website, and it said price unavailable. I having been trying to find a album brand that will work well for our wedding photos...3 years later!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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